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HELIBAR® can be used for all single screw extrusion applications and for all thermoplastic polymers. HELIBAR® can also be used for high speed extruders and is designed for an optimal processing with regrind / recycled material.

Dosing and feeding

HELIX has been a competent partner of machine manfacturers for the production of dosing and feeding screws for many years. In this field HELIX specialises in the manufacturing of screws made from a solid rod (i.e. not welded) with a length of up to 3000 mm.

Grooved feed bushes

Grooved feed sections are used extensively in the plastification units of extruders and injection moulding machines. For many years, HELIX has specialised in the manufacturing of grooved feed bushes and barrels. With our unique technology for producing grooves, HELIX has become the universal supplier of all kinds of grooved barrels.


Using a HELIBAR® barrel and screw combination the output of your single screw extruder can be improved by 20–100 %.

The use of HELIBAR® technology reduces the total energy consumption per kg product by 10–25 %.

With HELIBAR® the melt temperature is reduced.

There is a drastic reduction of wear on a HELIBAR® unit.

It is typical of HELIBAR® that up to a die pressure of 800 bar the output will be completely stable. Over the whole range of rpm the specific output is constant.

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Design & Layout

We design your helibar unit according to your ideas and requirements.

HELIBAR® is a registered trademark of Extrudex Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH, Mühlacker.
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