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HELIBAR® stands for sets of barrels and screws. The barrel has grooves along almost the entire length and the screw is a specially adapted barrier screw. HELIBAR® can be used for all single screw extrusion applications and for all thermoplastic polymers. HELIBAR® can also be used for high speed extruders and is designed for an optimal processing with regrind / recycled material. There are several thousand HELIBAR® units operating successfully in
the extrusion industry.


Advantages of Helibar®

  • Output
    Using a HELIBAR® barrel and screw combination the output of your single screw extruder can be improved by 20–100 %.
  • Energy savings
    The use of HELIBAR® technology reduces the total energy consumption per kg product by 10–25 %.
  • Lower melt temperature
    With HELIBAR® the melt temperature is reduced.
  • Less wear on barrel and screw
    There is a drastic reduction of wear on a HELIBAR® unit.
  • Pressure stability
    It is typical of HELIBAR® that up to a die pressure of 800 bar the output will be completely stable. Over the whole range of rpm the specific output is constant.


  • More advantages
    • 100 % regrind possible
    • Smaller extruder size
    • No surging
    • Shorter residence time – quicker color change

How does Helibar® do this?

  • Thinner melt film and improved heattransfer
    The interaction between barrier screw and grooved barrel results in a thinner melt film. Therefore the heat from the heaterbands gets to the solid fraction easily.
  • Melting rate
    With HELIBAR® the melting rate is improved by 20-100 % compared to a conventional extruder.
  • Pressure build-up in the melting zone
    Higher shear forces in a thinner melt film allow a pressure build-up in the melting zone which leads to an entirely different pressure curve. This effect is supported by gripping of the solid fraction on the groove edge. It results in a high process stability and avoids surging.
  • HELIBAR® pressure curve
    The maximum pressure in the feed zone is dramatically reduced. Thus, wear on barrel and screw is strongly reduced.
  • Energy efficiency
    High specific output at a low pressure level reduces the melt temperature. The energy of the heaterbands is fully used for melting the polymer. A cooling of the feed zone and a thermal separation between feed zone and plasticating zone is not needed.

    Compared to conventional extruders HELIBAR® has a much better energy use

HELIBAR® is a registered trademark of Extrudex Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH, Mühlacker.

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