is the combination of a plastification cylinder with continuous grooves and a special barrier screw. This system was developed by Dipl.-Ing. Eberhardt Grünschloss at the "Institut für Kunststofftechnik" at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. HELIX GmbH, as an expert manufacturer, accompanied the development of HELIBAR® right from the beginning with its unique technology for machining grooves into barrels and infeed sections. Mr. Grünschloss and Extrudex licensed HELIX GmbH to distribute and promote the HELIBAR® cylinders and screws globally. Several thousand HELIBAR® units are being successfully used worldwide.

Advantages of HELIBAR®:
  • produces higher output
  • at lower melt temperatures
  • very good process stability even
    with very high tool pressure
  • reduces wear
  • and saves energy
Improvement of the Product Quality
  • lower melt temperature
  • short residence time
  • very good homogeneity
Lowering Production Costs
  • higher specific output
  • reduced cooling
  • less wear
  • energy saving
Improvement of the Extrusion Process
  • very high process stability
  • no surging
  • lower start-up torque
  • very good self-cleaning
  • high ratio of regrind possible
5 Steps to HELIBAR®
  • Definition of the performance requirements together with our consultant
  • We prepare a quotation
  • Dimensioning of the HELIBAR® layout by our experts
  • We manufacture quickly and precisely
  • Installation of the HELIBAR® unit in your extruder or injection moulding machine
HELIBAR® Cylinder
Helibar® Cylinder
Axial grooves in cylinder

HELIBAR® Plastification Unit

Higher Output
Higher Output
The comparision between HELIBAR® and conventional extruders with grooved infeed sections shows a distinct increase of the output in kg/h per screw revolution.
Saving Energy and Lowering Costs
Saving Energy and Lowering Costs
HELIBAR® plastification units use approx. 25% less electrical power per kg of rocessed plastic.
Reduced Wear
Reduced Wear, Careful Processing
The typical pressure curve in a HELIBAR® cylinder shows the greatly reduced pressure in the feeding zone and the lower maximum pressure. As a result the wear is considerably reduced, losses are decreased and the process is stable.
Schematic Sketch
Schematic Sketch of a HELIBAR® Plastification Unit
The HELIBAR® cylinder is undivided and characterised by the axial or helical grooves along the entire length. The HELIBAR® barrier screw with shearing and mixing sections, is matched specifically to the cylinder.